2 thoughts on “Cycling enthusiast Sri Chinmoy in 1977

  1. Question: How do you feel about bicycle training to improve running?

    Sri Chinmoy: I did a great deal of bicycling when I lived in India in my youth. For at least two and a half hours every day I used to cycle as I did errands around the ashram. It does not increase running speed at all, but something is better than nothing. Sometimes cycling can actually be a hindrance to running speed, because it develops special kinds of muscles which do not complement the speed muscles. Bicycling does help for endurance, but if you want to increase your running speed, then I don’t advise it. You can cycle for endurance, or if you are injured and cannot run. For a little bit of stamina you can do it. But again, cycling stamina is totally different from running stamina. If one wants to become a good runner and maintain a five-minute pace, then cycling is not the answer. Quality road work is the answer.

    Excerpt from The Outer Running And The Inner Running by Sri Chinmoy

  2. Prayer has a soulful brother, meditation. Prayer’s God is high above. Meditation’s God is deep within. Prayer’s God is greatness and goodness. Meditation’s God is fullness and oneness. Prayer is the strongest intensity in a seeker’s life. Meditation is the steadiest immensity in a seeker’s heart. When I pray, I speak to God devotedly. When I meditate, God speaks to me affectionately. This is how we enjoy our fruitful conversation.

    On the strength of my prayer, I go to God. I go to God and tell Him what He can most compassionately do for me.
    On the strength of my meditation, I bring God to me. God comes to me and tells me what I can cheerfully do.

    In early May 1979, Sri Chinmoy and his disciples practised cycling mornings and evenings in Flushing Meadow Park, Queens, in training for the Pepsi-Cola Bicycle Marathon. After cycling, Sri Chinmoy would usually hold a short meditation and, at times, deliver short prayer-messages.

    Excerpt from O My Pilot Beloved by Sri Chinmoy

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