One thought on “First painting in the West – November 1974

  1. The rose and the shirt match so much. As if Guru knew that he is going to start something great.” The purity-life a rose has. The divinity-breath a rose is. Each rose petal is the eagerness of my heart and the enthusiasm of my life. Thorns do their duty powerfully, they protect the roses. Roses do their duty blessingfully, they liberate the thorns. The beauty of a rose purifies my mind-jungle. The fragrance of a rose beautifies my heart-garden. When I see a rose with my aspiration-heart, I immediately feel that I am very close to God. When I see a rose with my dedication-life, I spontaneously feel that I am a choice child of God.”

    a few sentences from his book: My Rose-Road, My Lotus-Home

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